Dozens could be killed and injured in prison riots in Ecuador


Riots and an attempted prison break in the Ecuadorian city of Santo Domingo may have killed 60 people. This is reported by the local media. Eighty people were reportedly injured.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of the Interior is not yet able to provide precise figures. The department says it is busy working with the police to restore order in the prison. About 40 escaped prisoners have been recaptured, according to local media.

Shocking images of bodies can be seen on social media. The authenticity of the images has not been verified.

Local media report that riots broke out after an inmate was transferred to jail.

In September, riots in another Ecuadorian prison left more than 100 people dead. At least six prisoners were beheaded. In April, at least 20 people were killed in further riots in prisons across the country.

The Ecuadorian prison system is under pressure. In February, the country released 5,000 inmates due to overcrowding in its prisons.

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