Message of close France-Germany cooperation from Soltz


In Berlin The French president has just arrived Emanuel Macron in order to meet with him German Chancellortwo days after he was sworn in for the second time at the Elysee Palace and immediately after his speech in Strasbourg on Europe Day.

THE Olaf Solts after welcoming Emanuel Macron, congratulated him on his recent re-election and tried to send a message of unity, but also close coordination of the next moves of Germany and France in terms of sanctions against Russia, but also the strengthening of European security and defense.

As he said, the good cooperation between France and Germany is important for both countries “work together well for Europe to work well together»

Referring to the war in Ukraine, no one knew that war in Ukraine would break out as a result “thousands of people to live death and destruction».

«We have experienced a turning point in history“, write down.

For his part, Macron thanked Chancellor Soltz and said that will create a Europe that is stronger and ready to face “great challenges»such as digitization, environmental protection and all other challenges.

He added that Germany has a structural and vital role to play in all these issues and is working to end the war.

«We must do everything we can to protect democracy and stand side by side with Ukraine while protecting our citizens“, He stressed.

He stressed that they would increase the new sanctions, adding that European countries would continue to provide assistance, including financial and military assistance.

«Europe must reduce its dependence on Russian energy imports“, concluded.


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