Foreign Ministry sources for “3 + 1”: Threat of violence, revisionism & violations of sovereignty are not a basis for cooperation


The common values, but also the commitment of all participants to safety and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, underlined o Foreign Minister Nikos Δένδιας in today’s teleconference of of Foreign Ministers of the 3 + 1 format, with the participation of his Cypriot counterparts Ioannis Kasoulidis, Israel Yair Lapid and US Anthony Blinken.

According to diplomatic sources, Nikos Dendias referred to the areas of cooperation, noting that after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, energy security, as well as the diversification of energy sources, becomes even more imperative. In this context, he referred to the construction of the floating natural gas station in Alexandroupolis, which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister a few days ago, the existing station in Revythousa and the IGB interconnector, which is expected to be put into operation in a few months.

He made special mention of the power supply cable, which will connect Israel with Cyprus and Greece (Euro-Asia Interconnector), as well as the East Med pipeline.

He also referred to the construction site of the nuclear power plant by the Russian company Rosatom, in Akuyu, a highly seismic region of Turkey, underlining the concern of Greece, a concern which he has already conveyed to the Director General of the Atomic Energy Organization.

Furthermore, the Foreign Minister stressed that multilateral cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean can be a catalyst for the consolidation of peace and security in the region. He reiterated that Greece’s firm position is that multilateral cooperation schemes, such as the East Med Gas Forum, are open to other countries in the region, provided that the participating states respect international law, such as the Law of the Sea, and of course the Charter of the United Nations, which expressly prohibits the threat or use of force.

In this context, it is emphasized that the threat of use of force, the revisionism, the constant violations of the sovereignty of other states, can not be a basis for regional cooperation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also referred to the other areas of cooperation in the 3 + 1 framework, such as civil protection, dealing with natural disasters, cybersecurity, where there is already cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Israel, as well as dealing with effects of climate change. It is noted that Greece, together with the United States, is working on a specific initiative in the field of climate change and the protection of the seas.

Finally, Nikos Dendias referred to the need to strengthen the 3 + 1 dialogue through a “top-down” process. In this context, he proposed the strengthening of the inter-parliamentary dialogue, emphasizing that the relevant Greek parliamentary group has already been set up and includes three former foreign ministers.

It is also known that he proposed, as before the upcoming Ministerial Meeting of Figure 3 + 1, which is expected to take place, with a physical presence, in the fall, to be preceded by a meeting of the general secretaries of the four Foreign Ministries.

It is noted in this regard that tomorrow, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Themistoklis Demiris will receive in Athens his Cypriot counterparts Cornelius Cornelius and Israel Alon Ushpiz.

All the participating Foreign Ministers, according to the same diplomatic sources, underlined their joint commitment to the continuation and deepening of the 3 + 1 scheme and stressed the need to accelerate cooperation, so that at their next meeting tangible results will be presented.

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