Pothen Esches: New extension for submitting statements


Extension was given to deadline for submission of declarations assets and financial interests until 16 February 2022 from 31 January 2022 was the original date of the amendment.

Article 68 states: “With the exception of the provisions of par. 2 of article 1 and article 19 of law 3213/2003 (A ‘309), declarations of assets and financial interests, initial with the acquisition of the status of obligor from 1.1.2021 until the 16th. 11.2021 and annuals of the year 2021 (fiscal year 2020), submitted until the 16th.2.2022. »

For any problem or question the public can contact Compulsory Service CenterΠΟΘΕΝ ΕΣΧΕΣ on the phone number 210-4802100 from 07:30 to 17:00 on working days.

Additionally, after entering the single web application, in the section “Do you need help?” it is possible the send a message for any problem that may arise upon submission of the Statement of Assets.

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