Bulgaria wants to be included in EU member states’ exemptions on Russian oil embargo


In the event that exceptions are granted to some EU Member States from the embargo to russian oilthe Bulgaria she also wants to included in these exceptionssaid its vice president of the Bulgarian Government and Finance Minister Asen Vasilev on the Bulgarian state television network.

Vassilev stressed that without any derogation, Bulgaria would not support the new package of European Union sanctions against Russia if the Balkan country does not secure its exemption from the proposed embargo on Russian oil. “Our country’s position on the oil embargo is clear,” Vassilev said.

The Deputy Prime Minister announced that his country is receiving natural gas along the southern gas corridor, adding that Bulgargaz has contracts for tanker deliveries until the end of July.

Then there is the pan-European market: the European Union and the United States have agreed on 50 billion cubic meters, Vasilev said. According to him, negotiations are underway with Azerbaijan to ensure that full gas deliveries begin in May. “We have a very good understanding on the part of Azerbaijan and I am optimistic,” he said. He added that the government is working to gain access to liquefied gas terminals in Turkey for about 17 billion cubic meters of fuel. He added that Bulgaria could no longer rely on Gazprom because it had been shown to be a non-compliant partner.

He expressed confidence that Ukraine would emerge victorious from the war, which he said could last four to five years. He added that food prices will rise because both Russia and Ukraine are huge producers of grain and exporters to the world market. Logistics, especially in the Black Sea, will become much more expensive as military action rages in the region, the Bulgarian deputy prime minister said.

Regarding the future of the ruling coalition, he stressed that if he ever stops working for the Bulgarian interest and starts working for the profits of some, he will ask the parliamentary group of the party Continue to vote against the coalition. He added that one should always be ready for early elections.

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