Britain: Labor leaders to step down if fined for lockdown


THE Labor leader Kir Starmer stated today that he will resign from its position if the police decide to his impose a fine for violating the rules for Covid-19, emphasizing that it has always obeyed the law.

“I am absolutely clear that no law has been violated. “(The laws) were always obeyed,” he told reporters, adding that he just ate something late at night after finishing his work.

Starmer has been the target of a police investigation into the so-called beergate, as he allegedly drank beers and ate curry with his associates during the pandemic, when rallies were banned.

“But if the police decide to fine me, of course I will do the right thing and I will resign,” added the opposition leader, who has repeatedly called for the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson because he violated the lockdown.

Angela Rainer, the party’s vice-president, also said in a statement that she would resign if she was fined for violating the measures.

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