Biden is concerned that Putin has no way of ending the war


US President Joe Biden on Monday expressed concern that his Russian counterpart has no way to end the war in Ukraine, noting that his government is considering what it can do about it.

Mr Biden, speaking at a fundraising rally in Washington, D.C., Potomac, Washington, D.C. but the result was the opposite as the US and European countries rallied on the side of the Ukrainians.

According to Biden, the Russian president is extremely computer-savvy and his problem now is that he “has no way out” of the conflict, adding that he and his government are considering “what they can do about it.”

Earlier Monday, Biden signed a law activating a Roosevelt-era measure to speed up deliveries of military equipment to Kyiv, calling it “another important tool in our efforts to support the government and people of Ukraine in their struggle to to defend his country and democracy against the barbaric war of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. “

The Ukrainian president thanked the United States via Twitter for its support in the “struggle for freedom and our future”, speaking of a “historic step”.

The measure provides for subletting or lending arms to Ukraine throughout fiscal year 2023. A similar measure was passed by the US Congress in 1941, during World War II, to help allies deal with Nazi Germany and the Axis .

Since the start of the war, Washington has promised or delivered more than $ 3.7 billion worth of weapons and ammunition to Kyiv, while in March, Congress approved $ 13.6 billion in humanitarian, economic and humanitarian assistance. military assistance to Ukraine by the end of September. Mr Biden is urging Congress to approve a $ 33 billion aid package, of which $ 20 billion will go to military aid.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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