What price will Russia pay for bringing war back to Europe?


Europe needs to think about price for Russia because “Brought back to Europe the evil of totalitarian war”, stressed o Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleksky during his evening sermon, in the aftermath of it Putin’s speech and military parades in Russia for the “Victory Day”.

Zelensky stressed that Russia has historical responsibility which brought war back to the European continent.

“And we, the Ukrainians, will continue to fight for our defense, for our victory, for the restoration of justice. “Today, tomorrow and for any other day needed to liberate Ukraine from the occupiers.” stressed characteristics.

He thanked all those who defended Ukraine and promised them that their country’s flag will fly again in the cities.

“The Ukrainian flag will return. Because this is our country. “A free European country,” Zelenski said.

Source: skai.gr

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