Russian pounding with ultrasonic rockets in Odessa


One mall and two hotels hit by Russian military raids on Odessa.

The Russians hit me from the air three Kinzhal missiles – these are young people Moscow supersonic missiles, tourist infrastructure, said Sergey Bratchuk, spokesman for the Odessa regional military administration. Two people were taken to hospital, according to him.

Bratchuk did not specify exactly what building was affected, however, according to his investigation CNNit seems that a hotel in the village of Zatoka has been affected.

This is the second hotel to be hit by a rocket since Monday. It is not clear why the two hotels were hit or who may live in them.

Russian missiles with seven missiles also hit a mall, according to the Ukrainian armed forces. Five people were injured and one died.

Zelensky: What price will Russia, which brought the war back to Europe, pay?

“Europe has to think about the price for Russia because it has” brought back to Europe the evil of totalitarian war, “he said. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleksky during his evening sermon, in the aftermath of it Putin’s speech and military parades in Russia for “Victory Day”.

Zelensky stressed that Russia has a historic responsibility which brought war back to the European continent.

“And we, the Ukrainians, will continue to fight for our defense, for our victory, for the restoration of justice. “Today, tomorrow and for any other day needed to liberate Ukraine from the occupiers.”

He thanked all those who defended Ukraine and promised them that their country’s flag would fly again in the cities.

“The Ukrainian flag will return. Because this is our country. “A free European country,” Zelenski said.

100 civilians remain in the Azofstal steel plant

About one hundred civilians are still in its besieged factory Azofstal steel plant in Mariupol, said the head of local government.

THE Pavlo Kirilenko reported last night that there are civilians in the vast area of ​​the facility, in addition to the 100,000 inhabitants in other areas of the city, which has suffered enormous damage.

“It is difficult to estimate who among them wants to leave the city,” said Kirilenko, a strategically important port on the Ukrainian coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. according to the newspaper Ukrainian Pravda.

THE Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Verestsuk assured over the weekend that all the women, children and the elderly who had taken refuge in the basement of the factory had been evacuated from Azofstal.

The facility is the last area of ​​the city not yet occupied by Russian forces.


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