Life became 9.6% more expensive in the Netherlands in April


Inflation, or the degree to which life becomes more expensive, stood at 9.6% in April, slightly lower than 9.7% in March. This was reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Tuesday.

Energy and fuel prices have brought down inflation, while food has become more expensive.

Electricity, gas and district heating prices have had a downward effect on inflation. Energy was 136% more expensive in April than a year earlier, in March it was 157%.

Fuels were 24.8% more expensive in April than a year ago, compared to 36.5% in March. The excise duty on fuels has been reduced by the cabinet for the period from April 1 to December 31.

In April, an average of 2.09 euros was paid for a liter of gasoline, in March it was 2.29 euros. The average price per liter of diesel rose from 2.12 euros in March to 2.00 euros in April.

Food was 8.5% more expensive in April than a year earlier, in March it was 6.2%. The price of meat in particular rose, the year-on-year increase rising from 5.5% in March to 10.5% in April. Vegetables, dairy products, bread and cereals have also become more expensive.

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