One in five Dutch households owns a smart home appliance


20% of Dutch households now have a smart home appliance, such as a smart vacuum cleaner or washing machine. A year ago, this share was still 14%, writes the research agency Multiscope in its annual report. smart home monitor

The smart robot vacuum cleaner is the most popular home appliance. One in ten households owns such a vacuum cleaner. iRobot’s Roomba vacuums are by far the most popular. A third of households with a smart robot have one from iRobot. Next come Philips (7%) and Xiaomi (6%).

Smart washing machines, for example from Bosch, Samsung or Miele, can also be found quite often in Dutch homes. One in twenty households has one. You can control these washing machines, for example, with an app and send a notification to the phone when they are ready.

Smart dishwashers are even less popular. They are found in 3% of Dutch households. These devices can also be controlled with an app, for example by setting the program or by switching on the dishwasher remotely.

In the survey, the Dutch indicate that convenience and comfort are the main reasons for buying a smart device. Replacing an older device and saving costs are also frequently mentioned.

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