Tinder owner sues over payment methods in Google App Store


Match Group sued Google over its app store payment policies. The dating app maker calls the lawsuit “a last ditch effort” to ensure its Tinder app and other apps aren’t removed from the Play Store. Google is threatening to do this because the company does not want to hand over some of the revenue to Google.

Match Group accuses Google of violating several US laws with its Play Store payment guidelines. Developers must give up to 30% of their App Store revenue to Google.

Google plans to tighten its rules on in-app purchases starting in June. For example, it is mandatory for all Android developers to make sales through the Play Store payment system.

According to Match Group, Google had previously promised that the company could continue to use its own payment system. Google also reportedly threatened to remove the apps if they failed to meet the rules by June. “Ten years ago Match Group was a partner of Google, now we are its hostage,” the company wrote in its indictment.

The owner of Tinder says it’s the last straw to stay in the Google Play Store. “We tried to find a solution with Google. But because of the threat to remove our apps from the store, we now have to take legal action.”

ACM has opened a preliminary investigation

A week ago, the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) announced a preliminary investigation into Google, after Match Group requested it.

The ACM is considering whether further investigation into abuse of power at Google is needed if developers are only allowed to use Google’s payment system.

Google told NU.nl that Match Group should pay a 15% commission for its services. “It’s the smallest part,” says the tech giant. “But even if the company doesn’t want to abide by Google Play rules, it can offer its services to Android users in other ways, such as through other app stores or through its website.”

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