Concern over Mitsotaki’s visit to US – “Anti-Turkish expectations have risen in Athens”


They are anxiously waiting for her Turkey the upcoming Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s visit to the USA .

Turkish media report both the meeting between the Greek Prime Minister and Joe Biden at the White House, as well as his speech to Congress, which reminded them that they are waiting for the decision to sell the F-16s to Turkey.

“On May 16, the Prime Minister of Greece will meet with US President Joe Biden. He will address Congress on May 17.
“Athens’s anti-Turkish expectations for this meeting have increased.”
mentions in a relevant report the Turkish television channel CNN Turk.

According to the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis The future of the Turkish Air Force will depend on Congress.

If F16 arrivals are delayed for years, the balances in the Aegean will change, as Turkish analysts say, while already Rafale with their capabilities cause concern on the Turkish side.

In this climate, the results of this crucial meeting are expected in Athens and Ankara.


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