Escaped US murder suspect arrested, accomplice guard commits suicide


The American murder suspect who escaped from an Alabama state prison in late April has been arrested after a day of manhunt. The guard who helped him escape and fled with him committed suicide before she could be apprehended.

The search for the fugitive duo ended in Indiana on Monday (local time) after a three-state manhunt. After a chase, the federal police hit the duo’s car, which came to a stop.

Security guard Vicky White then committed suicide and died in hospital from her injuries. Inmate Casey White – the two are unrelated – has surrendered.

The two men had been on the run since April 29. Security officer White told her colleagues that she was taking the prisoner for a psychological examination at the courthouse. Hours later, when they hadn’t returned, the other guards realized the pair had disappeared.

At first it was unclear whether the 56-year-old had helped the 18-year-old escape or if she herself was being held hostage. After three days, an arrest warrant was issued for her for helping the man.

Casey White has already served 75 years in prison for attempted murder. He was awaiting trial for stabbing a 58-year-old woman during a 2015 burglary. If convicted, he would likely face the death penalty.

Federal police hunt two after a tip

Federal police in the United States were notified on Sunday after Casey White, who is six feet tall, was seen getting into a van at an Indiana car wash.

After authorities tracked down the pair, a chase ensued. It ended in a collision, after which Casey White, slightly injured, was arrested. Vicky White’s fatal injuries were not caused by the collision, but by self-inflicted gunfire.

Vicky White’s next of kin and employer still can’t understand why an exemplary employee helped a murder suspect escape.

“I trusted Vicky White completely. I don’t know what prompted her to such an action. I don’t know if we will ever find out,” said the sheriff of the police station where White worked.

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