Flash delivery men promise there will be no more ‘dark shops’ on high streets


Flash delivery companies Flink, Getir, Gorillas and Zapp promise to choose their locations carefully from now on. This means that there will be no so-called dark shops in central shopping streets, in pedestrian zones and near primary and secondary schools.

Additionally, delivery drivers are not permitted to cause a nuisance and must leave space on the sidewalk for pedestrians. This is stipulated in a code of conduct that the four companies have drawn up.

Speed ​​camera drivers also say the safety of staff and other road users is “the highest priority”. The speed of e-bikes is limited to 25 kilometers per hour, while e-scooters cannot travel faster than 45 kilometers per hour. Delivery drivers are paid by the hour, they are not paid for driving slowly and they are not rewarded for speed, according to the code of conduct.

People can order small groceries from flash delivery companies, which are then delivered very quickly – for example in ten minutes. To do this, distribution points are located in the middle of residential areas. There is nothing else to do in these “shops”, the windows are taped and consumers cannot enter. That is why they are also called dark stores.

Delivery people often wait in the middle of the sidewalk with their e-bikes until they are ordered to deliver something. Then they drive through traffic to get to their destination on time. This creates frustration among local residents.

Amsterdam has already closed the darkstore

Speed ​​cameras are already banned in several municipalities. In Amsterdam, the municipality ordered the closure of a black shop and the judge ruled in favor of the capital. With each ban, the flash delivery person misses out on potential revenue.

Flink, Getir, Gorillas and Zapp say they want to reach agreements with the relevant municipality for each location, for example on “parking, supplies and the appearance of the location”. This applies “to all new branches in the Netherlands and to existing branches as far as possible”.

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