Congress is stepping up nearly $ 40 billion in financial aid to Ukraine


Democrats in Congress agreed to speed up the availability of additional assistance $ 39.8 billion (EUR 37.68 billion) in Ukraine as stated yesterday, two sources who have become aware of the relevant legislative proposal.

Ongoing moves have eased fears that a delayed vote could halt the flow of US weapons to the Government of Kiev.

The House of Representatives is likely to vote on the bill even today.

The bill extends the request made by the president Joe Biden to Congress last month for $ 33 billion (€ 31.24 billion).

Senate leaders also said they were preparing to move quickly.

A proposal for additional funding related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which some Democrats wanted to combine with emergency funding for Ukraine, will now be discussed separately.

Biden on April 28 asked Congress to allocate $ 33 billion for the support of Ukraineincluding costs over $ 20 billion (€ 18.93 billion) in military aid. The proposal was a dramatic escalation of US funding for the war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

The new proposal includes additional spending of 3.4 billion euros ($ 3.22 billion), but also the allocation of a corresponding amount of 3.4 billion dollars for humanitarian aid, according to the same sources.

Both Democrats and Republicans have said they support more financial aid to Ukraine and will approve emergency funding soon.

However, the whole process was delayed by disagreements between the parties over whether the same bill should include the allocation of additional funding for COVID-19 or to strengthen immigration controls.


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