PNO: Barrage of checks for labor issues on ships – What was found in Rafina


Intensification of controls for work issues in ships of coastal shipping, announces the Panhellenic Maritime Federation in view of the summer season.

The goal, as stated by PNO executives, is the correct observance and implementation of the Collective Maritime Labor Agreements, the current legislation and the international employment contracts of the crews.

Yesterday, the special inspection and control department of the federation of sailors, carried out an extraordinary inspection, in the presence of officers of the Coast Guard, on a ship in the port of Rafina.

According to today’s announcement of PNO, deficiencies were found in the organic composition of the crew of the super ferry passenger ship, while the payment of the accrued seafarers was made on the same day of the above inspection, and not at the end of the month. He also emphasizes that the overtime had not even been calculated and paid, in clear violation of the current and applicable Collective Labor Agreement of the coastal shipping, while in the relevant payroll the specialty of “yacht” and “assistant” was clearly stated as “accommodation service”, clearly violation of the Internal Service Regulations.

The Panhellenic Maritime Federation calls on the Port Authorities to take immediate action to remedy all the above violations and demands the imposition of legal sanctions.

PNO also states that the inspections of the Special Monitoring and Control Department will be intensified on all ships and on all lines of the country, while it has been immediately arranged to carry out an inspection at the AQUA BLUE E / G- O / G tomorrow (11/5 / 2022) and at sea at E / G- O / G AGIOS NECTARIOS on Thursday 12/5/2022.

The start of operation of the newly established Special Department for Inspection, Monitoring and Control of Coastal Ships began on January 1, 2022.

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