Russia has underestimated the Ukrainian resistance, the British Ministry of Defense reiterates


London, Thanasis Gavos

For proven business failures of the Russians in Ukraine which were provoked by the “underestimation of the Ukrainian resistance” and the “planning of an ‘optimal scenario'” by the Russians, the British Ministry of Defense said in its morning report on the war developments.

These failures, the ministry comments, did not allow him President Putin to announce some significant military success in Ukraine during May 9 parade for Victory Day.

“The Russian invasion plan is extremely likely to have been based on the erroneous assumption that they would encounter limited resistance and that they could quickly encircle and bypass population centers. “This case has led Russian forces to attempt to launch the operation with a light and precise approach, with the intention of achieving a rapid victory at minimal cost.”

He concludes by pointing out that this miscalculation led to unsustainable losses and a consequent reduction in the Russian business focus.


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