Employees can count on a little more paid vacation this year


Employees in our country will get a little more paid vacation this year, ADP, the payslip processor, calculated. According to the company, which examines what more or less people have left every year, it usually saves a few euros. This is due to the slightly lower tax rates.

If you earn an average income of more than 2,900 euros gross per month, according to ADP you will receive 4 euros more holiday pay than in 2021. Double on average would receive 8 euros more.

Only people who earn less than the full-time minimum wage of 1,725 ​​euros gross per month, such as part-timers and young people under 21, receive slightly less holiday pay than last year. Here too, the difference is only a few euros. According to ADP, they will have less due to a slower constitution of the employee tax credit for lower incomes compared to last year.

Company experts say the slight increase in net holiday pay will certainly not be enough to offset the high inflation. Due to the sharp price increases, the Dutch are now rapidly spending a lot more money on holidays and other matters, such as energy costs.

ADP points out that various studies have already shown that paid time off is increasingly being used by people to pay monthly expenses or arrears.

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