He was briefed by the Commissioner responsible for the European Social Media Regulation


The European Commissioner for the Internal Market had a meeting with the CEO of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk, in Texas yesterday. Thierry Breton.

The two hinted that they had agreed on a European regulation on social media before Musk’s acquisition of Twitter Inc. was completed.

The meeting took place a few weeks after Musk announced an agreement on acquisition of Twitter against a price of 44 billion dollars (41.65 billion euros).

In a video of the two men, which Breton posted on Twitter, the European official says he explained to Musk the relevant European legislation on digital services.

Breton and Musk did not elaborate on the new digital services legislation, which provides for imposition of high fines against companies that do not control the illegal content of posts.

The rules of European law prohibit, for example, advertisements aimed at children or based on religion, gender, origin, but also political views.

Musk secured a deal to take over Twitter last month, along with a commitment to revitalize the company and increase the number of users by eliminating automated fictitious software, as well as reducing post controls to better serve ” freedom of speech”.

The American billionaire’s comments provoked a second comment from Breton that Twitter must comply with the new European rules (DSA) by controlling posts with illegal content on the Internet.

Breton and Musk were expected to discuss global supply chain issues during the European official’s visit to Tesla Inc.’s new plant in Austin, Texas.

Source: skai.gr

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