Parliament: The drafting of the Greece-US Defense Agreement has started in the Committee on Defense


With the rapporteurs of the parties, he started today in the Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs of Parliamentthe elaboration of the bill of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the “ratification of the second protocol amending the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement between Greece and of United States of America».

The Agreement envisages specific initiatives for the upgrading of the defense cooperation of the two countries and the support of the modernization of the Greek Armed Forces. By updating the mutual defense agreement, the existing one is extended for five years and, among other things, prepares the ground for the approval of the sale and the acceleration of the delivery of F-35 fighter jets.

The ratified agreement concerns the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Defense, as well as the entire Greek territory, which aims to promote security and prosperity bilaterally, between Greece and the United States of America.

According to the explanatory memorandum, “we seek to reaffirm our commitment to deepen and further expand the strategic partnership and cooperation between the social progress “.

It is also noted that, “the new updated Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement extends the strategic defense partnership between Greece and the USA and clearly demonstrates the firm decision of the two countries to safeguard and protect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which peace, including armed attack or threat of attack “.

The agreement provides, inter alia:

“The establishment of the 3 + 1 Interparliamentary Group of Cyprus, Greece, Israel and the United States”, which will serve as the legislative component of the 3 + 1 process that began in Jerusalem in March 2019.

– The President of the American Congress authorizes 100,000 dollars for each financial year to cover the expenses that will be made by the “United States team” in the framework of the processes in the 3 + 1 format.

-Cooperation for Military Training with Greece.

Accelerate the delivery of any future F-35 aircraft to Greece.

-Help in Greece to break free from existing dependencies on Russian defense equipment

They are mentioned as bases from which the American forces will operate and be trained, Volos, Alexandroupolis, the Litochoro Shooting Range and Souda.

-Reference is made to the possibility of future use of other Greek facilities in the mainland or on the islands and a commitment is made to continue bilateral cooperation in the field of infrastructure and material with the most favorable terms for our country, as well as to support Greece’s goal to become a regional center for maintenance, logistics and education

It is recalled that the amendment to the Greek-US Defense Agreement was signed by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in Washington on October 14, 2021 with his American counterpart Anthony Blingen.

The Agreement is scheduled to be discussed and voted by the Plenary next Thursday, 12 May.


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