Skylakakis for ENFIA: “Strangulation” is normalized


The fiscal space with the current data has been exhausted by the end of the yearstressed o Deputy Minister of Economy, Theodoros Skylakakis answering a question about the possibility of taking additional measures by the government, on SKAI TV and the show “Unmatched”.

“At the moment we have exhausted the fiscal space for 2022, with the data we have today”, “if things go better we will see it in the future”, “we must be very careful in the budget”, stressed characteristics.

The minister explained that the government put a huge amount, “literally what we could” to de-escalate a piece of inflation that is the electricity and mainly because it is a commodity of absolute necessity, which can not be at an uncontrollable price.

In anticipation of posting of ENFIA liquidations, The Deputy Minister stressed that the important thing is that this year is 35% reduced compared to 2018, which translates into € 380 million for public funds.

“This means that the ENFIA case, which was strangled for too many people, is now being settled. 35% down, it is a very big reduction for a tax and from there on with the better course of the real estate market, I hope the real estate investments will start, because a market works not only when the values ​​increase but also when the houses increase entering the market “he stressed.

Mr. Skylakakis added that we should not have a “bulimic attitude” in the real estate market and that ENFIA “was a big anomaly” caused a lack of investment in the market.

“We have literally hundreds of thousands of homes and shops in which no investment was made and they became unsuitable or almost unsuitable for use. And now there is a big wave of renovations, many of small private investments, which gradually, as it enters the market, will normalize it “.

For inflation the deputy minister said the goal is not to become feedback, as the cause of today is partly the pandemicthe disruption of supply chains which is not yet over in China and the war in Ukraine.

He estimated that if there is a normalization in the war case, “or at least the worst does not happen”, then the main driving force of inflation, which is fuel prices they may at some point begin to de-escalate.

For prices on supermarket shelves, stressed that they will need more time to de-escalate if there is normalization.


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