“Oh my god! You shot him! ” Video-documentary from the murder


Him deadly shot by Adrian Pein, a woman screaming “My God! You killed him “and two people running, he recorded a video of a house near the crime scene published by the American network FOX35.

According to the same source, the woman who is heard shouting in despair, is the mother of the unfortunate basketball player and former center of Panathinaikos. He seems to be talking on the phone with the police. She asks for help and says that her son was shot but does not know where he is.

Watch the video documentary:

The perpetrator was arrested

For the murder of 31-year-old, arrested a 29-year-old, who is called Lawrence Dorothy (Lawrence Dority), and is charged by the authorities with first-degree murder.

The police even made his photo public.

Doriti was still at the crime scene when police arrived and was being questioned by police before being arrested. Further details on the circumstances of Payne’s death have not been released.

Source: skai.gr

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