Dutch publishers set up platform for audiobooks, e-books and podcasts


At the beginning of June, a number of Dutch publishers and bookstores will jointly launch the new Whisper streaming platform. With this, people can listen to audiobooks and podcasts and read e-books for $12.99 per month.

It is not yet known how big the offer will be. However, the application will be adapted to the Dutch market, explains Caroline Damwijk, director of Libris.

“We found that the existing international platforms were too generic for Dutch language book and podcast lovers in terms of offers and advice,” says Damwijk. “That’s why we’ve joined forces to bring the stories together on one platform.”

Whisper will also feature titles in English. Books can be read on different eReaders. The platform must also offer exclusive podcasts that are not available on other services.

Behind Whisper are book publishers Singel, WPG and VBK. Also Libris and Blz bookstores. participate in the platform, alongside the publisher DPG Media.

The new platform appears to be a competitor to the recently released Podimo in the Netherlands. This service costs 4.99 euros per month and also offers exclusive audiobooks and podcasts.

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