Pandemic and war in Ukraine create perfect storm conditions


The coronavirus pandemic with large quarantines has created inflationary pressures on the economies of the countries with the weakest already facing difficult situations, while the war in Ukraine brought a big rise in energy prices and a domino in the food chain that foreshadows food conditions.

The coronavirus pandemic with major lockdowns around the world has created problems for agricultural production and transport and licensed supermarket shelves in Britain and less so in other northern European countries were just the beginning of what will follow.

The war in Ukraine, in which two of the world’s leading producers of wheat and cereals, as well as sunflower oil, are involved, has led to stockpiles and a freeze on exports, in addition to Russia and Ukraine, to other Eastern European countries such as Hungary. for the food chain and the adequacy of goods for their citizens.

In Greece the government has maintained that there is a sufficient supply of goods, however the future is unpredictable, as long as the military operations last.

In parallel with the war, sanctions on Russian energy and rising commodity prices, which added to inflation, have already had their effects in two countries far from Europe: Sri Lanka and Peru.

Moreover, the former Soviet republics of Asia, which supplied wheat and other food from Russia, are already facing shortages, while Europe is trying to solve its energy problem as it arises from sanctions in Moscow and their impact on EU countries.

It is noted that Spain and Portugal were exempted from energy prices, while more recently Hungary and Slovakia were exempted from sanctions on Russian oil.

Even the statement of the German Minister of Interior to the inhabitants of the largest economy of Europe to gather food for 10 days proves the uncertainty for the immediate future.

Europe is trying to find a solution to the many problems it is facing, but it must move faster to find a solution to the extremely serious issues that have arisen.

However, the food problem will become apparent when food shortages occur in Asian and African countries, at which point migration flows will begin.

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