EU: € 1.5 billion in aid for Syrian refugees in 2022


THE EU announced today that it will offer the 2022 help height 1.53 billion euros to Syrian refugees and displaced and called on the other participants in the 6th Donors’ Conference in Brussels not to leave Syria.

“At the opening of the donors’ conference, which I chair, I announce the donation of one million euros for the calendar year 2022, with which our contribution will exceed 1.5 billion euros. “In 2023, the EU will offer the same financial support, ie 1.56 billion euros”, announced the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

“I urge you to be just as generous in your commitments,” he said, referring to representatives of the nearly 70 states and international institutions that attended the conference.

“Fatigue prevails after 11 years of conflict. It is understandable. “It is difficult to deal with many conflicts at once and Ukraine is at the center,” Borrell said.

“We must not leave Syria,” he said. “The annual Brussels conference boosts the hopes of the Syrian people, even though, unfortunately, there is no light at the end of the tunnel,” he admitted.

“We need to ensure that humanitarian assistance commitments remain at 2021 levels,” Borrell said. “The needs are still huge,” he said.

In 2021, donors pledged $ 6.4 billion ($ 4.4 billion for 2021 and $ 2 billion for 2022 and beyond) for the Syrian people and refugees fleeing to neighboring countries.

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