Mosquitoes: a mosquito net that also protects against the heat


While a peak of heat affects France from this Monday, May 9, mosquitoes may resurface. To get rid of it, Nathalie Capitaine, a former professor of physics, and her husband François Capitaine, a former industrial specialist in polymers, have developed Mostiglass. The particularity of this mosquito net? It protects against mosquitoes, but also allows refresh the air of the room where it is installed.

Ten degrees of difference between inside and outside

The idea came to them after a trip to Mauritius when mosquitoes, potentially carriers of chikungunya, passed through their mosquito net. Indeed, the Girondin couple started from the observation that they lose their effectiveness when they deform over time as well as under the effect of the sun.

To overcome the problem, they therefore imagined rigid mosquito nets, made of polycarbonate plates (the material of the glasses lenses) with very fine laser-drilled holes. Because contrary to what one might think, the shape of the perforations plays an essential role. In the model imagined by the couple, they would rely on a specific phenomenon: the venturi effect. “François knows a lot about polymers and he chose to take polycarbonate”, says Nathalie Capitaine at 20 minutes. “We studied the perforation, made with lasers, requesting the help of the laboratory accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), to study the shape of the hole and validate the most efficient one.”

In effect, the venturi effect would accelerate the air entering through the holes and is accompanied by a drop in temperature. “If it’s 29°C outside, it’ll be 25°C inside,” explains Nathalie Capitaine. “The temperature difference can even reach the ten degrees if the outside temperatures are very high”, specifies a laboratory at 20 Minutes.

Mosquito nets: fans are multiplying everywhere in France

Another particularity of these mosquito nets, they are installed on “windows, French windows and bay windows” and can slide or withdraw. In addition, to preserve the luminosity of the accommodation, the couple imagined a colored treatment applied around each perforation to allow light to penetrate without there being “light flashes”.

Patented in April 2018 and validated by the WHO, Mostiglass has already won over many followers. “We are really responding to a need” estimates Nathalie Capitaine at 20 minutes. “And often people react by wondering why we didn’t think of it sooner.” Since 2018, the company has sold “several tens of thousands” of mosquito nets to individuals, but also to schools or nurseries”, assures François Capitaine. However, the pace is accelerating, because “there were more sales between January and April 2022 than in the whole of 2021” he continues. While the cities of Paris, Montpellier and Agde are also already customersit’s no surprise that their main customers live “around the Mediterranean. They are in the Camargue, but also in Alsace, in the Paris region and in Gironde”, specifies 20 Minutes.

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