Anger in Shanghai: Restrictions tighten


The nightmare of lockdown in Shanghai continues, and in fact the restrictions become even harsher, without an end appearing on the horizon.

Groups of white protective uniforms have begun to enter the homes of people who have been infected by Coronovirus to spray with disinfectant, causing concerns for some for damage to clothes and valuables.

Many leave their keys to a neighborhood volunteer when transported to quarantine.

Videos were released over the weekend showing Shanghai residents clashing with paramedics in police uniforms and forcibly removing them to quarantine facilities.

“You can not do what you want unless you are in America. Here is China. Stop asking me ‘why’. There is no ‘why’. We have to implement the national instructions “, a policeman in a protective uniform can be heard saying in a viral video to residents who were taken to a quarantine center.

In many videos that have been released on social media, –although many come down from Chinese censorshipso-called “big white” health workers in China stormed homes in Shanghai because of their white uniforms, spraying everything with disinfectant, prompting many residents to question the legitimacy and scientific basis of the measure.

Shanghai authorities have ordered citizens of some areas to stay in their homes again after allowing them to go out for some shopping. On Tuesday, the operation of the last two subway lines that were still operating was suspended, something that is happening for the first time, according to local media.

China’s adherence to the zero-tolerance strategy on the coronavirus, while many other countries are easing restrictions and trying to live with the virus, entails rising economic and human costs.

More and more extreme measures are needed to bring the cases under control, as the Omicron variant spreads so easily.

The Communist Party of China, looking to a major party congress this fall, shows no signs of retreating soon.

Escape from Shanghai is almost impossible, however on social media it became a surprising guide on how to escape from the city.

The daily number of new cases in Shanghai fell to about 3,000 on Monday, from a record 26,000 in mid-April.

Six deaths from COVID were reported, bringing the outbreak to 553.


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