EU accuses Russia of cyberattack on satellite network


The European Union accuses Russia of carrying out a cyberattack on a key satellite network. The attack caused damage not only in Ukraine, but also in other EU countries.

The attack, which took place when Russia invaded Ukraine, disrupted the so-called KA-SAT network of the American communications company Viasat. This caused problems for the Ukrainian military and a range of government agencies, companies and internet users.

Other EU countries were also affected by the cyberattack. Tens of thousands of modems failed and a large number of German wind turbines, among others, stopped.

EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said the cyber attack “certainly supported the Russian invasion”. He points out that the EU specifically holds the Russian government accountable.

This is the first time that the EU has so emphatically accused Moscow of a cyberattack. So far, Brussels has been content to claim that such attacks have been launched, for example, from Russian territory.

The operation is “another example of Russia’s irresponsible behavior in cyberspace,” Borrell said. This could “endanger the safety of European citizens”, he said.

The US government also believes Moscow helped disrupt the network. The UK also joined on Tuesday.

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