Diet: 5 tips from women who have lost more than 10 kg


Obesity is the fifth leading cause of death in the world and the numbers keep growing. At the beginning of May, the World Health Organization launched a warning signal on its spread in Europe, considering obesity as an “epidemic” situation on the old continent.

“The overweight and obesity have reached epidemic proportions in Europe”, explains the WHO in its latest report. The region is now the second most affected in the world, after America. According to the data collected, nearly a quarter of Europeans are obese. And more specifically, six out of ten adults and almost one out of three children are overweight or obese. The prevalence is higher in men (63%) than in women (54%).

Alarming figures, knowing that obesity is linked to an increase in many pathologies and in particular type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. “Obesity is thought to be one of the causes of at least 13 types of cancer and is probably directly responsible for at least 200,000 new cases of cancer per year in the region, a figure that is expected to increase further in the coming years.”, details the WHO.

Successfully losing weight is therefore important for preserving your health… Provided you maintain this loss over time and do not enter the vicious circle of the yoyo effect. Indeed, a recent American study showed that too large and rapid changes in weight caused by a reduction and then an increase in calorie intake, increased the risk of developing heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes. “Weight loss diets must consider long-term health, especially if rapid weight loss is envisaged,” analyzed Aline de Souza, lead author of the study.

To help you on your weight loss journey, the editorial team has decided to meet women who have succeeded in their diet. More than tips for losing weight, they give us testimonials about their new lifestyles.

Françoise lost 13 kg in 1 year

Françoise has suffered the yoyo effect several times in her life. “From 14 to 18, I had become plump by this time… Then when I got married and had two children, I no longer encountered weight problems.” Nevertheless, the mother of the family explains that she did two depressions which made him lose up to 10 kg each timeweight that she then took back “when everything was better”.

But past the sixties, an event upsets his daily life. “At 64, following the move of our 40-year-old daughter who had always lived next door to us, I was sad and stressed… So I compensated with sweet foods.“Françoise has gained ten kilos in five years. Seeing his body, the click happened. “I’ve come to wear size 44 for 1.50 m”.

“Beware of hidden sugars”

“I decided to say stop and eat all the foods that only served to comfort me.” Brioches, pastries, orange juice… The sexagenarian has stopped everything. “I lost more than I had gained, 13 kg in just 1 year.” At 69, she is trying to maintain her weight and recommends pay attention to hidden sugars found in many everyday foods. “And move! To lose, you have to spend yourself”, she adds.

Iryna shed 54 kg in 19 months

Iryna started a diet at 33, after heavy treatment with hormone therapy. At the time, she weighed 129kg.

“It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life”

This woman who had never dieted in her entire life decided to take matters into her own hands by changing her long-term habits. “It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life,” she says. “I stopped eating after 6 p.m., I go swimming twice a week in the pool, I stopped consuming white bread and I do a full body massage every week.” With this method, Iryna lost 54 kg in 19 months. She now weighs 75 kg and explains that “this new way of life suits me, I won’t change a thing”.

A loss of 11 kg in 1 year for Béatrice

Beatrice started a diet at the age of 52, when she weighed 71 kg, “with the help of a dietitian who saw me every week”. It was the first time that she followed a food rebalancing with the help of a health professional. This diet was accompanied by herbal food supplements.

“You have to allow yourself one or two pleasures a week”

A year after the start of the diet, she weighed 60 kg, and thus showed a loss of 11 kg. “The stabilization period is the most difficult. The advice I can give is to have a balanced diet and to treat yourself to one or two pleasures a week. (never more than four), while having regular physical activity”, she confides.

Emmanuelle has lost 15 kg in less than a year

Emmanuelle started intermittent fasting at the age of 26 because she suffered from many digestive disorders. “I had liver pain very often after a simple excess or after a meal and I was regularly very sick. So I thought practicing intermittent fasting might help. And if in the process, I could get rid of a few pounds, I was in too.

“We have to find the diet that suits us”

At the time, the young woman weighed around 65 kg and had never dieted in her life. She decided to do the 16/8 fasting method, which consists of eating for 8 hours a day and then fasting for 16 hours, in order to let the body rest. “It’s a balance that suits me and in my opinion, that’s the key to success: if you want to lose weight permanently, you have to find the diet that suits you in order to keep it in the long term.”

Today, Emmanuelle weighs 49 kg. “I have lost 18 cm in my hips and my waist has slimmed down enormously.. In pants, I went from 38 to 34.” If intermittent fasting has been a success, it’s also because she continues to enjoy herself. “The other key to losing weight has been to avoid frustration : if I fast most evenings, I never refuse an invitation to dinner. I carry out intermittent fasting very regularly, so if during a weekend I ‘deviate’, there will be no impact on my line. It’s even beneficial: it’s important for me to have fun and enjoy life… Once the deviations have passed, it’s my body itself that calls for fasting. I finally found my balance”.

– 46 kg in 2 years for Margaux

Margaux began her food rebalancing at 29 years old, when she weighed 116 kilos. “I had already tried several diets before, including the Dukan program thanks to which I had lost 15 kg, but I had taken them back very quickly.” The Dukan diet is indeed criticized by many specialists today, not only because it causes a yoyo effect but also because in the long term, it can be very harmful to health.

“We have to wait for the click”

After several months of reflection, the young woman decided to enroll in the Weight Watchers (WW) program, a weight loss method based on a points system. “The advice is to wait for the click. My will was my daughter. I wanted to become a beautiful mother in the eyes of my daughter. A tonic mother with my daughter.” Nine months after the start of the diet, the mother of the family had already lost 46 pounds. A loss of weight certainly very fast, but that she manages to maintain today. “I have been stable for 2 and a half years now.

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