The increases ate 0.15 euros of the subsidy


Profit games of refineries at its prices diesel fuel following government announcements about subsidy of 0.15 euros per liter directly to the pumps, thus evaporating the “discount” on the price of fuel, complained on the radio of SKAI 100.3 the Vice President of the Association of Gas Station Owners and Traders, George Asmatoglou.

As said the government and the Ministry of Development has imposed ceiling on the profit margin of service stations based on 2021 data.

«Our expenses have multipliedour operating costs, however our profitability remains the same compared to 2021. However, in addition to international brent prices, it is also the price of refined product in metric tons for the countries of southern Europe. So, on a daily basis refineries are harmonized on this price and on a daily basis the fuel course is upward. However, the price has not increased proportionally at the gas stations in relation to the refineries“, Pointed out Mr. Asmatoglou.

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He stressed that the average price of gasoline in large urban centers it stands at 2.17 euros, when in the islands it reaches 2.55 euros. “From this alone it seems that the service stations have absorbed part of the increase in the refinery price. And the gas stations do not take from the refineries. “They get it from marketing companies,” he added.

Referring to diesel, Mr. Asmatoglou underlined that its price is going in a straight line and is not falling. «Oil is a matter of supply and demand and that is why it remains stable. Why is gasoline going up in the refinery? Because there are speculative games on the back of this stock market product called fuel. In diesel since the subsidy of 0.15 euros was given, the refinery prices have increased, evaporating the discount “concluded.


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