No big party or vacation, but your beer within five minutes at home


Due to a shortage of security guards, trips had to be canceled during the May holidays and Ajax cannot be honored at Museumplein if the team become champions. The security industry is not the only industry facing shortages. This is due to the aging of the population, rejuvenation and massive part-time work. But also because whole new sectors have emerged, such as flash delivery companies.

According to director Leon Vincken of the professional association VBe NL, there is a serious shortage of security guards. “There are hundreds of vacancies and we are in the middle of festival season. We have to pull out all the stops.”

Vincken says thousands of security staff left during the corona crisis and the shortage will continue for some time as new staff need to be trained first.

“The shortage in the labor market was already peaking at the end of 2019,” says labor market expert Rob Witjes from UWV. “Then the corona came and a landslide happened.” He recalls that at the start of the crisis, the UWV sat down with the affected areas to see where people could be relocated.

Having your groceries delivered has been possible for a long time, but due to the corona pandemic the delivery has increased explosively. The same goes for online shopping or home meal delivery. And now the flash deliverers have arrived. “Another type of work has been added,” says Witjes. And on top of all those couriers going back and forth, the fulfillment centers for all those couriers also need to be staffed.

The Corona crisis has given the “commodity economy” a boost

There is a high demand for personnel among these flash deliverers. “Consumers now want a certain product. There is overconsumption,” explains Michel Kregel, retail specialist.

He says the corona pandemic has been a catalyst for changing consumer behavior. “There is laziness, the situation between work and private life has changed and it’s nice and easy to get something delivered quickly.”

Kregel also uses it himself. “If you come back from a trip abroad and you know that your fridge is empty, it is useful to order groceries through such an app.” On the other hand, according to him, there is laziness: “If Ajax become champions on Wednesday evening and you haven’t made any party preparations, you can always do it via a flash delivery.”

Our routines have changed due to the corona pandemic, also says Witjes from UWV. “A convenience economy has emerged, such as ordering clothes online. Business was born out of necessity or accelerated and some of it continues to exist.”

The new jobs that come with it – the UWV does not have exact figures, but it concerns very large groups – are considered attractive by people who want to work.

“People think it’s very important to organize their time. New jobs offer more flexibility.”

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