Heresy lived in the jungle with 11 bodies – They ate feces and drank urine


An incredible story saw the light of day on Thailandwhen the leader of a religious sect, whose followers “they consumed urine and feces and worshiped corpsesHe was arrested at his home in the jungle, where police also found 11 bodies

According to the Daily Mail, the police raided his house yesterday 75-year-old Thawee Nanra in Chaiyaphum Province.

His followers screamed and followed scenes of chaos with police as they tried to save their leader, who claims to be the “father of every religion».

Police said they found it 11 corpses at his home in the Ugla, while the local media reported that they were corpses of his followers.

The leader of the sect claimed that he stored the dead bodies to … waiting for the spirits to return to paradise.

Kraisorn provincial governor Kongchalad said the 75-year-old had at least 12 followers living with him, while coffins with corpses were scattered around the house.

However, his followers reportedly told authorities that their leader’s urine and phlegm are treatments for diseases.

Five coffins were found outside the shelter, one of which was dead baby and the other of his dead mother. All the coffins were drilled so that liquids could flow out of them.

«I did not force anyone to stay here or do something they did not want to doSaid Thawee Nanra.

One of the fans pointed out that “we have documents showing that the relatives have given their consent with a death certificate. “Some of them have practiced meditation in this place.”

Regarding the burial process, she pointed out that she is being monitored by a medical team. “The body is placed in a sealed bag and formaldehyde is injected to prevent the corpse from rotting,” he added.

Authorities believe the group has been living for more than four years without realizing it, due to the fact that it lives in a remote area in the jungle.


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