5 unsuspected virtues of pepper


The spices are an excellent alternative to replace butter, cream, sugar or salt. And the benefits of these aromatics go far beyond taste and attractive colors. Equipped withantioxidants, flavonoids and beneficial to control blood sugar, mood and inflammation, herbs and spices are known to prevent many diseases.

From scientists from the University of Montreal (Canada) extol the merits of peppers. Many of you fear it for its particularly spicy character, yet it is full of health benefits.

Pepper: it promises multiple benefits thanks to capsaicin

The capsaicin is the chemical compound found in the internal membranes of chili peppers that produces a burning sensation in the mouth when ingested. This compound is particularly known for its appetite suppressant power.

But its benefits don’t stop there. Rich in vitamins C, B6 and K, antioxidants, source of iron, copper or even manganese… The virtues of chilli have been extolled for many years.

Researchers, authors of a study published within theAmerican Journal of Preventive Cardiology have argued that regular consumption of chili peppers was associated with ‘significantly’ lower death ratescompared to scarce or no consumption.

Pepper: why it should not be consumed in excess

Are you looking for recipe ideas to dare to use chilli? Let yourself be tempted by chili, curry dishes, West Indian acras or spicy sauces.

Be careful though. It’s wiser to stay vigilant and consume chilli in moderation. Indeed, this spice, in excess, can trigger a inflammatory reaction and digestive disordersespecially in sensitive individuals.

While waiting to surprise your taste buds with this aroma, Medisite reviews the he 5 benefits described by the University of Montreal.

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