Day off: take your Wednesday to rest better


Science says it: taking your Wednesday is ideal for resting. This is the conclusion of Dawna Ballard, professor of communication at the University of Texas at Austin and specialist in the study of time. Medisite enlightens you.

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If many French people prefer Monday and Friday to give themselves a moment of rest and enjoy a three-day weekend, according to the results of work on the biological clock, Wednesday would be the perfect day to rest (really). Find out why.

Rest: rhythms upset by everyday life

As Dawna Ballard, professor of communication at the University of Texas at Austin and specialist in the study of time, explains, our internal rhythms (the fact of being more in the morning or in the evening) and external (the constraints linked to the work and deadlines) are in perpetual contradiction. Besides, this explains in particular why most people have trouble finding their normal rhythm on Monday mornings. Indeed, on weekends we tend to follow our internal rhythm for two days. The return to the external rhythm on Monday is therefore more difficult to maintain.

Wednesday, the perfect day off

A free Wednesday (…) tips the balance in your favor between your own pace and that of your work” explains Dawna Ballard. If the fact of taking his Wednesday allows a break in the week, this day off has other advantages: “You start the week knowing that you only have two days at this rate before taking rest again. There is a greater sense of calm and control.” However, the specialist in the study of time is formal: “The chronic misalignment between our way of life and the rhythm dictated by our internal timekeeper is associated with an increased risk of various diseases”. Thereby, by taking a Wednesday, you take care of your health while enjoying a real day of rest. At stake ? A calmer, more restful week and a more respected rhythm for your body.

Cut work to prevent burnout

Holidays are very important for employees. Indeed, rested employees are more productive and less stressed. While promoting a balance between professional and personal life is a leitmotif for many people, the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this desire to refocus on the essentials. In addition, many studies have proven that work-life balance helps prevent employee burnout and reduce stress. Thus, the health of employees and the company is maintained. Coronavirus, intense fatigue, exhaustion, psychological disorders… In 2021, the number of sick leaves in France started to rise again after falling in 2020. A study has thus shown that employees were 38% to have a work stoppage in 2021. The health of employees therefore becomes a crucial issue.


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