The 55-year-old man who drowned his wife in Kavala is in prison


Pre-trial detention was judged, with the consent of the investigator and prosecutor, o 55-year-old confessed perpetrator of horrific murder of a 43-year-old spouse in the pharmacy he kept in Piges of the municipality of Nestos.

The perpetrator was charged with premeditated murder. Through his lawyer he apologized to the family of the unfortunate woman. In his long testimony, which lasted more than four hours, he claimed that he had not planned the crime, but did it out of erotic passion because he did not want to separate from his wife.

The family of the unfortunate woman stated a civil lawsuit through a lawyer. The family also requested that the 55-year-old perpetrator remove the custody of his two minor children, aged ten and six, and give it to the brother of the 43-year-old woman who lives and works in Los Angeles, USA, in order to he and his wife to take care of them.


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