The focus is on the territorial integrity of Ukraine


THE French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese counterpart of Xi Jinpingdiscussed today during a telephone conversation they had about him war in Ukraine and for global food crisis resulting from the war and calling for an immediate ceasefire, the French presidency after the conversation between the two leaders.

“The two leaders reiterated their commitment to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine” referred to in the Communication from the French Presidency.

The statement said that Macron and Xi discussed the initiative of the French FARM (Mission for Food and Agriculture Sustainability) in response to the risk of a food crisis.

In the light of the severe restrictions imposed by Covid-19 on travel to China, Macron called on China to take into account the concerns of the French community there, in particular by maintaining air links with France, allowing traveling to airports and ensuring that children are not separated from their parents.

For his part, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned of controversy that would arise from the crisis in Ukraine.

The confrontation between the coalitions that will arise as a result of the crisis in Ukraine may become a greater and prolonged threat to world peace than the crisis itself, said today Chinese President Xi Jinping to his French counterpart, according to state media.

China has repeatedly warned European countries to pursue autonomous diplomacy instead of allying with the United States on what Beijing calls a “Cold War mentality.”

Xi Jinping, during a telephone conversation with French President Emanuel Macron, said that China believes that Europe should have full control over European security, Chinese state television reported.

Xi Jinping also said he hoped France would play a more active role in promoting China’s ties as France takes over the presidency of the European Union.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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