Sharing a Netflix account with friends may already cost extra money by the end of 2022


Netflix subscribers may have to pay more before the end of the year to share their account with someone outside the family. The streaming service also wants to have introduced a subscription with ads by then, reports The New York Times

A user’s account must officially “not be shared with anyone outside of the household” according to Netflix’s Terms of Service. However, the company has always turned a blind eye when users have done so.

Recently, however, the platform announced that it had lost subscribers for the first time in ten years. The streaming service attributes this to inflation, the war in Ukraine and fierce competition. So the business needs to start generating more revenue in other ways.

Netflix announced last month that it was open to the idea of ​​offering low-cost, ad-based subscriptions. Also, he expects additional revenue from customers who share their account with friends or family. Subscribers have to pay more for it.

According to The New York Times An internal message to employees would indicate that Netflix wants to introduce subscription with advertising in the last three months of this year. The additional payment for account sharing should be introduced around “the same period”.

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