Dry mouth: 5 serious illnesses it reveals


Almost everyone has had their mouth dry at least once. If most of the time the reason is trivial, this phenomenon can also reveal a serious health problem. Dr. Azad Eyrumlu, a British dentist, recalled these 5 diseases that could be linked to dry mouth.

A poor oral health is not limited to cavities, it can have consequences on the whole body and may also promote certain diseases. Dr Azad Eyrumlu, dentist for the English private practice Banning Dental Group, explains: “When you consult a dentist, we don’t just take care of your oral health. We are also trained to the detection of certain broader problems related to your general state of health. It is essential to monitor your own health closely and if you notice persistent symptoms of dry mouthyou should report it to your GP.”

The expert presented these five diseases serious that can reveal dry mouth.

What is dry throat syndrome?

XerostomiaWhere dry mouth syndromecharacterized by an insufficient amount of saliva in the mouthcausing increased thirst and a dry throat. This feeling can have multiple causes such as taking medication, smoking, or dehydration. But in some cases, it can be a symptom of a serious illness.

Indeed, as Dr. Azad Eyrumlu explains: “Sometimes, poor oral health can lead to serious problems in other parts of the body, and the reverse is true in the sense that a dry mouth can be a sign that something is wrong elsewhere. This can manifest itself in symptoms such as sticky feeling in the mouth, a dry or scratchy throat, difficulty chewing, to swallow or even bad breath.”

It is therefore important to be aware of these signs and to monitor them if they are too frequent. The specialist quoted the five serious consequences that could cause this symptom. Meditate you present them in pictures :

Dry mouth is a common symptom of diabetes. It can be favored by hyperglycemia and medication (many treatments cause saliva deficiency).

This feeling can be a consequence of this disease. Indeed, a person with Alzheimer’s may forget to drink enough water. Taking drugs to slow the progression of the neurological condition can also contribute to the feeling of dry mouth.

Also called dry syndrome, It’s about a rare autoimmune disease which is characterized by a decrease in the production of tears and saliva. One of the consequences of this pathology so is dry mouth.

This stroke can have consequenceswhich are important in 40% of cases according to Inserm. Among these sequelae, the phenomenon of dry mouth is very present. in former stroke victims.

A dry mouth is one of the common oral symptoms among people HIV positive.





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