Glyka Nera crime: The testimonies in the pilot’s trial have been completed


In Caroline’s last moves Crouch as recorded by the pulse meter worn by 20 years oldhis attention turned Mixed Jury Courtbefore which the testimonies of witnesses as well as reading the case file. Thus, during tomorrow’s session, the court will hear the apology of 34-year-old Babis Anagnostopoulos.

The court, following a request submitted by the prosecutor, summoned one of the authors of the police expert reports on the recordings of the electronic watch that the 20-year-old wore on the night of the murder, as well as the security camera of the maisonette in Glyka Nera.

The witness was mainly asked to interpret the indication of the clock which shows that 17 steps have been taken, with a distance of 12.89 meters in a time of 5 seconds, a minimum time before the crime. The issue is crucial, so that the court has a specific picture of the position of the 20-year-old in the immediately preceding year from the one who ended up with a suffocating death at the hands of the accused who held her breath by pressing her with a pillow.

The forensic expert, who testified as an expert, stressed to the judges that the recording of the watch in question did not indicate that the victim was awake. According to the witness, the recording could relate to movements that Caroline made in her sleep during the recorded time of 5 seconds.

President: There are 17 steps corresponding to 12.89 meters in a period of 5 seconds without recording a pulse increase. All this is a bit absurd, to travel so many meters in so much time…

Control: The sensor records every movement of the watch. We can not know exactly what has happened. It may have been done with a prolonged movement of the hand.

President: Does he continue to record after his death?

Witness: Maybe, if the watch is transferred and let no one wear it.

Prosecutor: How can he record a movement after the victim is asleep?

Witness: The clock understands movement and translates it into meters and steps. A hand gesture may be made, turning the victim to the side in his sleep

The court read, among other things, excerpts from the 20-year-old’s electronic diary regarding the birth of the couple’s daughter and the health problems that the baby was facing. Upon hearing the 20-year-old’s thoughts and feelings about the newborn baby, the accused began to cry loudly, for the first time since the beginning of his trial.

The affidavits of seven persons, friends and acquaintances of Anagnostopoulos, who did not want to be in court, were also read in court.

A retired teacher also testified in court, as a defense witness for the accused, who, among other things, estimated that the 34-year-old’s parents are not in court to be close to their granddaughter, the 34-year-old’s daughter and Caroline. He added that the “very bad experience they had with journalists” also played a role in their decision.

He also testified earlier in court and an incumbent court official, proposed by the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation, which is appearing as a Civil Advocate in the trial for the brutal death of Caroline’s dog.

The witness testified that the dog was still a baby and that is why he was not heard barking but crying. According to the witness, the dog had a painful death, he was terrified and all this by a person friendly and familiar to him. For this reason he did not react at all to what the accused did to him, he only cried.

“The main defendant tried to kill what was an extension of Caroline’s self,” said the witness, who said she had never known of such a horrific killing of an animal by its owner.


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