The “royal” Bronovo hospital in The Hague will remain open longer than planned


Bronovo Hospital in The Hague will remain open until 2030 instead of the previously announced closure date of 2024, the Haaglanden Medisch Centrum (HMC) hospital group reported on Tuesday. It is not yet known what will happen to the hospital after this. Bronovo is best known because the princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane were born there.

HMC announced two years ago that Bronovo Hospital would close in 2024 because the hospital was not doing well financially. A year earlier there had already been a major reorganization, but in the end there was not enough money to continue maintaining the building.

It now appears that the hospital can stay open a bit longer, until 2030. Since 2019, the hospital is only open on weekdays and for non-emergency treatments or operations.

What will happen after 2030 is not entirely clear. The plan states that HMC will “remain active” in the districts of Benoordenhout and Scheveningen after 2030. The group has “innovative care” projects specifically aimed at older people and people with chronic illness.

Any treatments that require an operating theater or require patients to spend the night in hospital will then be transferred to HMC Antoniushove or HMC Westeinde, the other two hospitals in the group.

Facelift for other hospitals

In addition, the hospital group is revamping its two other hospitals. There will be more operating theaters in both locations and the emergency department at HMC Westeinde will be renovated.

On the Antoniushoeve site, all skills in the field of cancer treatments are brought together. The goal is to provide “maximum quality” care as efficiently as possible.

“This plan is in line with the evolution of healthcare, takes into account a region that is growing and aging and is suitable for our portfolio,” said HMC President Ingrid Wolf.

If all goes as planned, renovations will start next year and last until 2035. “The renovation of the buildings is planned so that there is the least possible inconvenience for patients, visitors and employees,” says HMC.

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