Apple silently says goodbye to the iPod after more than twenty years


Apple will stop production of its iPod music player, the company announced on Tuesday. The iPod Touch, the latest model made by Apple, will remain available as long as supplies are available. This model had not been updated in recent years, so the end is not completely unexpected.

iPods were a popular way to listen to music, especially at the start of this century, before smartphones took over.

Apple released its first iPod at the end of 2001. This model offered space for a thousand songs. Later models became increasingly smaller and offered more space for music. Some models have a color screen for watching movies. iPods were recognizable by a round button for the controls, the so-called click wheel. By twirling it with their finger, users could browse through their music list.

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPod Touch, a kind of iPhone without a phone function. The latest generation of it was launched in 2019.

Due to the rise of smartphones, fewer and fewer music players have been sold for years. Music streaming services also reduced the demand for players, where you had to manually put music files.

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