Belarus: Minsk deploys special forces near southern border with Ukraine


Belarus will deploy military special forces in three areas near its southern border with Ukraine, the Belarusian Armed Forces announced today as President Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the role of Russian missiles in strengthening the country’s defense.

A close ally of Russia, Belarus said in March that its armed forces had not participated in the Russian invasion of Ukraine (a “special military operation” in Moscow) but that the country had served as a starting point for Russia to send thousands of troops across the border. on February 24th.

Minsk has been protesting for months over NATO countries gathering troops near its borders – Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are all members of the North Atlantic Alliance – and is increasing the volume and intensity of its own military exercises in response.

“The United States and its allies continue to strengthen their military presence on the state border of the Republic of Belarus,” said Chief of General Staff Viktor Gulevic. “The established team has more than doubled in the last six months in quantity and quality.”

Belarus is also deploying anti-aircraft defense, artillery and missile units for exercises in the west, the chief of staff added.

Mr Lukashenko said Moscow had agreed to help Minsk build Iskander-like missiles used by Russia in Ukraine, and that Belarus wanted to continue using Russian-made S-400 and S-missile surface-to-air missile systems. 300.

“We are realistic, we understand that we will not be able to defeat NATO. “But we can cause damage, especially in those territories from which we will be attacked,” he said.

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