Passengers receive photos of plane crashes, Turkish plane returns to gate


A plane aborted takeoff on Tuesday as passengers suddenly received photos of plane crashes on their smartphones. The Boeing 737 of the Turkish company AnadoluJet with 160 passengers on board was preparing to take the runway at Israeli Ben Gurion airport for a flight to Istanbul.

Passengers saw footage of a Turkish Airlines plane that crashed at Schiphol in 2009. The captain decided to return to the terminal after anxious passengers alerted the crew to the photos.

Nine Israelis were reportedly arrested while on the plane, Israeli authorities report. They would have sent the images via AirDrop, an Apple service that allows files to be shared with another Apple device at short distance.

It is not known why they sent the photos or how many passengers saw the images. Once the passengers left the plane, all baggage was re-screened. After several hours, passengers were told they could re-board the plane if they wished.

The plane eventually took off more than five hours late, according to data from Flightradar24.

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