Bolsonaro will not attend the Summit of America


Brazil’s far-right president Zaich Bolsonaro has no plans to attend next month’s US summit in Los Angeles, two sources told Reuters.

According to these sources, Bolsonaru told his associates that he would not attend the summit of the leaders of the American continent that will be hosted by the USA, but he did not explain why.

Bolsonaro has declared himself a fan of former President Donald Trump and has been slow to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Relations between Washington and Brasilia have been frozen since last year and the two presidents have never spoken to each other.

A spokesman for Brazil’s foreign ministry said no decision had been made. “The (Bolsonaro) president’s involvement is being considered and has not been confirmed,” he added.

A third source said diplomatic contacts aimed at scheduling Biden’s meeting with Bolsonaro were abandoned after the Brazilian president decided not to go to Los Angeles.

The US will host the 9th US Summit between June 6-10. It is the first time since 1994, when he was hosted in Miami, that the Summit returns to the USA.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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