Tsipras: “It is not a choice, it is the inability of the citizens to respond to the exorbitant bills”


The opinion that this is not a “choice” but an “inability” of the citizens to respond to the exorbitant electricity bills was expressed by the president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras in the inter-channel interview he gave to eight TV stations in the region (Crete TV, Ionian TV , Star of Central Greece, TRT, Epirus TV1, Flash TV, DION TV, Center TV) and is currently broadcast.

Al. Tsipras gave the interview ahead of next Sunday’s vote for the party’s chairman and central committee from the grassroots, saying the region’s channels are an “oasis of pluralism” at a time when “international press organizations” have rated ” low “the country.

“It is not a communication move,” he said, referring to the tabling of the amendment on non-payment of the adjustment clause by citizens.

“It’s a real anguish we have. Right now there are hundreds, thousands of households who do not decide not to pay so as not to be burdened, but do not have to pay,” he said, citing examples of citizens who were already making ends meet. “and now they are called to pay three or four times more because of the” adjustment clause “which, as he stressed, exists in order” not to stop the profitability of PPC and other energy producers “.

“They are not scoundrels as Mr. Economou accused them”, Al. Tsipras argued that not paying “today is not an option, it is a weakness”.

The president of SYRIZA-PS stressed the need for the prime minister to “correspond” to this reality, while stifling the measures he announced for the retroactive reinforcement of 600 euros, commenting that as “revealed” it was a “miracle” but did not last ” not a day goes by. ” “It’s not a matter of communication, it’s a matter of survival,” he said, referring to consumer organizations and academics who have said the “robbery clause” is “illegal” because “transparency, consumer awareness and proportionality are not being met.” .

He concluded with the message in view of the internal party elections, calling on “those who were at the ballot box of SYRIZA in the previous elections, the progressive and democratic citizens to send a message for the next day in the country, to pave the way for political change and give hope and perspective on the place “.

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