Filis: Government feeds the vicious circle of violence and policing at AUTh


“Plans for extensive provocations being worked out by the police authorities in collaboration with a specific part of the far-right and pro-government teaching establishment”, complains the Head of Education of SYRIZA-PS, Nikos Filis on the occasion of the recent incidents at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In his announcement, he states: “Since last year and under the responsibility of the government and the Rector’s Authorities, the AUTh has become a field of conflict, authoritarianism and the imposition of naked violence.

With the orders of government agents, with the manipulations of the Rector of MAT who add fuel to the fire and under the pretext of the 35-year-old forgotten “Hangout of the Biological”, its destruction and conversion into a Library, a vendetta of challenges has been set up in Thessaloniki the “legitimation” in the eyes of the public of the abominable idea of ​​establishing a University Police.

This is the second round of the same project that last year knocked down the student movement and the university democrats with their mobilizations. Unrepentant, the government follows the same methods used by Mr. Chrysochoidis in last year’s occupation.

The police, taking advantage of the intensity and violent actions for the remodeling of the space that hosted the “Hangout”, invade the University premises, throw chemicals during classes and violently brutally attack students.

“Images on the verge of torturing young children are flooding the internet and creating links with Erdogan’s Turkey and Putin’s Russia.”

He went on to condemn “police violence, provocations, the throwing of chemicals and the destruction of public property carried out by groups foreign to the student movement”, and concludes: “Students and their teachers will break the vicious circle of violence and policing. They will protect the University as a place of Democracy, Knowledge, Research and free circulation of ideas “.

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