Gazprom: “Technically impossible” to use Suzha station to transport Russian gas to Europe


Russian energy giant Gazprom said tonight that it was not technically possible to divert gas flow to Ukraine to a new entry point, as suggested by GTSOU, the operator of Ukraine’s gas transmission system.

Earlier, GTSOU said that due to force majeure, the flow of gas from the Sohranifka entry point to Europe will be stopped from tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11th. He suggested that flows continue through the Suzha interconnection station, which is located in Ukrainian-controlled territories.

Gazprom responded that it had received the notification from Kyiv that the flows would stop at 7 am local time and assured that it was fulfilling all its obligations to gas buyers in Europe.

He added that he did not see any evidence of force majeure, nor any obstruction that made it difficult to transport gas as before.

The Russian company, which has a monopoly on gas exports through pipelines, said it was “technologically impossible” to transport the entire volume of gas through the Suzha interconnection station, as proposed by Kyiv.

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