The woman who for 2 months fed the trapped in Azofstal


In his underground shelters Azofstal steel plant in Mariupol, a young woman, Natalia, for two months cooked food for children and adults using limited amounts of food and by this activity strengthened their morale. The children they called it “Divine soup” !.

Natalia’s work was mentioned by the Mariupol city council, in a post she made on the Telegram, which included a video related to her, who managed to reach Zaporizhia after the evacuation of the civilians from the factory.

“The divine soup. That’s what the children called Natalia in Azofstal. He cooked food in the shelters of the factory. Together with the children they painted the food they ate in their homes. Then they tried to “incorporate” in the paintings the products at their disposal. So the dough in the water and the canned food became the most delicious food in the world “ refers to the post of the city council.

Natalia herself said that she and her husband stayed in the Azovstal shelter for two months and four days and their cooking helped them to live and was a motivation in the closed and dark basement.

“We cooked food for the children, for the adults. The children did not keep my name, so I told them you would call me ‘divine soup’. And that was a motivation. I brought them paintings, we did a competition… This kept you awake and you went to prepare their breakfast and for the adults the lunch. That gave you a lot of strength to stand up. “says Natalia

The city council in its post, referring to the strength that these people found in the shelters of Azofstal, points out in its post: “War, around death, bombs drop every minute, and they continue to fight to live, they believe in the best and they give each other love “.

On May 9, the head of the military administration of the Donetsk region Pavel Kirilenko said that more than 100 civilians were still in the shelters of the Azofstal plant.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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