The SPD proposed a package of measures for the problems of pirate companies


A package of measures and proposals for problem solving faced by the companies of Piraeus and the coastal and island areas under the jurisdiction of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce, presented to the Deputy Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Costas Katsafados, the president of E.P. and financial supervisor of KEEE Giannis Voutsinas.

At the meeting, which took place recently at the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, according to an announcement, the president of the SPC Giannis Voutsinas, after analyzing the actions of the chamber to the Deputy Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, presented the positions and proposals of the SPC to issues of responsibility of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy – but also in matters of co-responsibility with other ministries – which aim to facilitate entrepreneurship and ensure the smooth operation of healthy competition for the benefit of the market, society and the local and national economy in general .

In more detail, the president:

1. Emphasized the great importance of the cooperation between the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and the Attica Region for the promotion of tourist areas and the upgrading of the tourist product, in order to achieve the highest possible tourist attendance during the summer period in coastal areas of Western Attica, Lavreotiki and Megarida, as well as the islands of the Saronic Gulf.

2. With the example of Kythira and Antikythera, he pointed out the necessity for the State to have a priority of solving problems and accelerating procedures in matters of entrepreneurship for the remote areas of our homeland.

3. Requested the immediate institutionalization of the participation of representatives of the chambers in the administrations of the local Municipal Port Funds.

He referred to the need to plan and implement strict controls to combat trafficking that affects healthy entrepreneurship, especially during the tourist season.

5. Request for faster disbursement of the amounts of the transport equivalent.

Dimitris Syxeris, Head of Business Advisory Support and President of the Commercial Professional Association of Poros, utilizing his participation in the Shipping Council (SAS) Council through the Chamber institution, focused on actions to facilitate tourist facilities, such as increasing the number of in the tourist market, the ferry connection with inaccessible areas, the acceleration of waterway licensing.

For his part, Deputy Minister Katsafados assured that the issues raised will be taken into account and the proposals will be used, as the ministry and the chamber have common goals. He pointed out that the ministry and the chamber will be in close contact to achieve their common goals and give a boost to entrepreneurship, while solving problems that exist or arise in society as a whole.


A memorandum was also handed over to the Undersecretary. More specifically:

Ship timetables

It is important to have timely notification of itineraries, especially in summer, so that the appropriate actions can be taken for the planning of foreign and Greek tourist offices. It is especially important to have them announced during the international tourism fairs in December-February.

Methana Ferry Interconnection

Methana, although typically geographically belonging to the Peloponnese (administratively in Attica), has island characteristics and for decades had main access by sea. It is necessary the connection with the line Piraeus-Argosaronikos and with the speedboats.

Participation of representatives of Island Chambers in the Administrations of the Port Funds

In order to support the interests of island professionals and businesses, it is important that representatives of island chambers participate in the governing bodies of municipal port funds and port organizations.

Transport Equivalent

This important measure, which was a constant request of the island chambers, presents difficulties in its operation, as there are delays in payments.

Cruise ship sailors

In the context of the tourist upgrade of the islands of the Saronic Gulf, it is important to create the anchors (cruise ship anchorages), for Aegina, Poros and Spetses, as was done in Hydra.

Cable connection issues

Some individual issues of disputes between professionals would be resolved if the cabling service for tourist boats (sailing and motor), was the sole responsibility of the municipal port funds (with the recruitment of specialized staff).

Waterway Licensing

It is necessary for the procedures for the implementation and licensing of Watercourses in the islands of the Saronic Gulf and the Metropolitan Watercourse of Attica (Piraeus) to proceed faster. This would also contribute to the development of island tours of tourists from Athens or Piraeus to the islands of the Saronic Gulf.

Diving Tourism

The creation of diving parks in the Saronic Gulf with the possible creation of artificial reefs or points of interest (sinking of ships or other structures), will contribute to the development of diving tourism on the islands.

Check for Side Trade

To intensify controls for the by-trade by LS-ELAKT, both in areas of XZL (land port area), ie during the disembarkation of catering vehicles and other commercial, as well as in other areas of responsibility of LS (beaches, etc.). This is related both to the sale of food and clothing, as well as items from street vendors.

Special care for the professionals of Kythera from the Authorities

It is necessary with specific guidelines to the Authorities and other state bodies, to take special care for the faster settlement of issues related to the daily life of professionals and in general entrepreneurship in the most remote and inaccessible place of competence of the SPD, but also of Attica. .

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